Mario Vegan


Get involved, like so many others,
with the unexpected flavour!

A person chooses a vegan diet because they love animals, for the well-being of their body, mind, spirit, or maybe for all these reasons.

Of course, there is a lot of ethics in whoever makes this choice consciously.

In common imagery, being vegan is associated with the renunciation of nutritious and tasty foods, yet, it is becoming an increasingly more present lifestyle in our daily reality and we feel the importance of providing products we know will amaze you and make you fall in love.

This is why we have created an exaggeratedly flavoured, high-protein content vegan line, a genuine recipe made of selected ingredients and prepared carefully at each step.


Having a vegan breakfast outside the home is not easy, so we present just the thing for you!
Our line is suitable for a tasty breakfast or just for those who want to munch on something and choose a vegan food.