We are Da Mario!


We are Mario gluten free!

We believe in family,
in team work,
in the value of doing things
with the enthusiasm of past times
and in surprising whoever tastes
our products for the first time.

Our History

Years ago, my mum Antonietta had a small workshop and spent her days creating and experimenting and my dad Mario, a successful chef, gave his contribution.

She never gave up, she strived to try and find ingredients and new recipes to make her creations tasty like the traditional ones containing gluten.

I stayed entire nights with her, fascinated by the love and determination she worked with and in the silence of the workshop, she taught me the value of hard work and to believe in your dreams, I grew up as a man and as a manager.

Con questa volontà siamo arrivati ad essere i primi al mondo a creare un biscotto senza glutine, senza lattosio e vegano dal sapore incredibile e dalla fragranza unica.

My mum had a mission and now I realise what it was when I’m in my office in the company and I see her at the head of the workshop, Sabrina, my tireless girlfriend close to her, my cousin and all the other workers carefully following their orders, I see the result of that dream.

With this desire, we have become the first in the world to create a gluten and lactose-free vegan biscuit, with an unbelievable flavour and a unique fragrance.

If we have managed to distribute our products throughout Italy and the world knocks impatiently at our doors, it is thanks to the abilities that each of us has been able to develop and to that little dream in my mum’s heart that has become a great business today.

Thanks Mum and Dad